October 7, 2012


this past weekend i got to go on a little road trip to the beautiful state of idaho! i love nothing more then just me, the road, a dr pepper and my high school cd's. my friend courtney and her husband live in idaho falls. we went to yellowstone's bear world! it was pretty much one of the coolest things i have ever been to. it's like a drive through zoo of the animals. the bears were so cute, lazy and so fun to watch. they had wolves, dear, bison, and all sorts of bears. they also had the cutest bear cubs that were so fun to watch. the cubs would wrestle each other. we also went to the petting zoo where i got to pet my first pig! don't ask me why but i've always thought pigs were adorable and had a hay day watching miss piggy pig. courtney, randy,and i also drove up through big springs in island park up to a lodge where we had lunch. the owner of it was hilarious and kept coming and chatting with us. he complimented me on my boots and told me i looked real good! the sign in his kitchen had us laughing! we stopped at mesa falls on our way back and it was so gorgeous. i love nature and going to new places. this weekend i also go to partake of the wonderful messages of lds general conference. it always comes at the time i need it the most! 

the inner country girl in me definitely came out this weekend :) i forget how much i love small towns. i love the open fields. the feeling of freedom. all the farms. the animals etc. i secretly have always wanted to end up in a small town.
thanks for a fun weekend court!


Kathy Schneider said...

That looks amazing! I would love to go there one day.

Eve Myers said...

That looks like so much fun!


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