November 22, 2012

absolutely thankful.

 this week especially i've been reflecting on all the things that i'm absolutely thankful for. we all have so much to be grateful for in our lives. we are all truly blessed. i love this time of year to really focus on the things that really matter in life. and the things that make life just that much better. 

  my family
the parents//they are both selfless and have taught me to work hard. they love unconditionally and have taught me good morals. they raised us up right and both have a sense of humor. i love being their baby girl and wouldn't have it any other way. i feel lucky to have pretty much grown up as an only child living at home & in college to get to spend more time with them and to go on vacations with. i love hearing all of their stories and am so thankful for their examples to me.
the guys// i love how the all have a great sense of humor. they constantly are making everyone laugh. they are all wonderful fathers. they still tease one another. they know how to work. i hope i can find someone just as amazing as my brother and brother in laws!
the girls// they truly are wonderful examples of great mothers and friends. i love that they all have awesome hobbies and interests, are all so talented, and all range in personalities. i hope to be half the moms they are. they are always on the go and doing everything for the kids. i'm so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing women.
the kiddos//i love their child like examples to me. they are all so honest, forgiving, and loving. i love that i got to kind of grow up with the older ones. i love how unique each of their cute little personalities are. i also love that i'm the favorite auntie ;)
 i am so grateful for each member of my family. each person brings a special something to our family. i love that we are large in number. it keeps things exciting. i really feel blessed to have them as MY family and to know that we are an eternal family is such a blessing.
the old ones//the new ones//the blog ones//the work ones//the boy ones//the childhood ones//the dance ones//the college ones//the high school ones.. the list goes on and on. i always seem to amaze myself with how many wonderful people that i'm surrounded by. each of you have influenced my life in some way,shape, or form. you made me who i am. taught me. tested me. laughed with me and cried with me. and to the several ones (you know who you are) that are my best of best friends. i don't know where i would be with out you. you have molded me, been my rock, and have been there for me at my best & worst. you sometimes know me better than i know myself. i can go to you for anything and you always lend a listening ear and helping hand. you get me. and for that i am thankful.

sometimes it sounds like something silly to be grateful for. but i sincerely am. these lovely guys have also molded me into the person i am today. sometimes they aren't my best of friends but in the end i would have it no other way. i am glad for the hardships i have been through this year. the tough times that i thought i would never be able to endure.. somehow i did. and at the end of the day i love trials because they push us hard, test our buttons, & make us think about what we want in life and what we believe in. God won't give us anything that we can't handle and that won't benefit us in the long run.
in this day and age i am truly grateful for a stable and secure job. some days are for sure easier than the end of the day i am thankful for my responsibilities, my amazing co-workers, how lax things can be, how fun work can be, how i probably laugh at work everyday and how blessed i am to have a job. i am also thankful for my photography business. it has been a busy year! i have got to meet and work with amazing people doing what i love most. it has been an extra blessing. photography is my outlet and lets me get creative and artsy.

my faith
i don't know where i would be with out the gospel of Jesus Christ. i am so thankful for my knowledge and faith in the the atonement. god knows me better than i know myself. he is always there for me he knows whats best for me. he knows what i need, who i need and when i need it. god is so merciful, loving, forgiving and my best friend. i am thankful for the power of prayer. that i can speak to God on a daily basis and let him know of my gratitude  love, needs, wants and ask for help. he is always there with an open hand. all we have to do is hold his hand. i am so eternally grateful for the atonement. that it is continuous  even though that i make mistakes that i can be forgiven so i can live with my father in heaven once again. i am thankful for the restored gospel so that we can have it on the earth today. also i am grateful for a living prophet who councils us. i am so glad that my family is a forever family. we can be together forever. i am blessed to be a daughter of God.

the little things

doctor pepper, my i phone, a warm apartment, travel, cars, journals, the internet, shoes, perfume, clothes, sleeping in, contacts, music, rain, fridays, getting my hair done, going to the movies, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, netflix, utah lake, drives up the canyon, painting my nails, finishing a to do list, finding old pictures, living in a free country, working hard, my laptop, temples.. the list goes on and on. 

i am blessed.


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