November 1, 2012


Hey! I am Deidre and my husband and I blog over at Love, The Skinnys. Let me just say. I am happy to be here! Seriously pumped! And with that being said. I know what you are thinking.. something like this perhaps...

"Guest post?... I'm out of here...."

Listen, I have had the same thoughts. And now I have exactly... 7 seconds to impress you. To convince you to click through on that little baby hyperlink to my blog. Trust me. You will want to keep reading.

Top 10 Reasons to Click HERE

1. I have no filter. And that means there are always things that are borderline inappropriate and potentially awkward for everyone to read. And who doesn't love a good awkward moment?
2. The blog is a nice balance between a woman that can wear a crown and a woman that can make herself look like she just got in a bar fight.

 3. Every Tuesday you get to hear a little from my husband. He loves to blog and he loves comments.
4. No story is kept a secret. Wanna know about my past dating life? It's there. Wanna know about my wedding? It's there. Wanna know about what I ate for dinner last night? It's there. Wanna know about the time I hit a bird with my car? It's there... that was a sad day.
5. Every Friday you have a fashion post to look forward to. Cheap fashion that is. We are talking Target, thrift stores, Kmart, Desert Industries. Because we all know I can't pay $100 for a shirt. And even if I could,  I would rather spend $100 on 4 shirts... because that is actually what I tend to do. I have a Target shopping problem.

Ooops... Wrong photo. Let's try fashion again....

6. Easy recipes... cooking is hard!
7. I give good hugs. What does that have to do with blogging? I don't know. But I do love hugging!
8. Weekend music and sweet videos.

9. Currently... there is lots of wedding stuff. Weddings make people happy. So I am spreading it out over time. You can see everything I did. And by did. I mean really did. Do it yourself wedding? Check!
10. Last of all... I am hilarious. If you don't believe me ask my parents.

So hopefully those ten reasons were enough to get a click through and a little love. Otherwise. Nice knowing ya! See you in heaven!

The Skinnys

Thanks Deidre!
You are awesome. Sersiously guys, go over and check out her blog. She's the cutest and so funny. We G chat on a regular basis and she always makes my day!

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Nicole said...

ashley your design is totally cute!


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