November 8, 2012

my happy list.

-sunday evening at the rents
-j dawgs
-voting: i'm proud to be an american
-jazz won! how bout' them jazz?!
-provo temple-just what i needed.
-my new jewelry from houston
-coming home to my apartment that smells like a pumpkin scentsy
-crisp november evenings.
-phone call from an old friend. nothing better.
-stories from my work girlies.
-popcorn and hot choc nights.
-no more construction on my drive to work! hallelujah!
-reading every ones hilarious political facebook status.
-this song.
-snap chat. need i say more?
-listening to conference talks
-the fact that i finished a book! woot! (this never happens)
-my leopard skirt.


eryka {from abcde} said...

love love love you list and i am so FREAKING excited to see you saturdayyyy!!!


Amanda Schroeder said...

I LOVE this. Love the song you put on there. And definitely love snap chat, too.

Brandi said...

I love your list! I'd never heard that song before-I really like it!

Autumn said...

I love this list! :) Also, I miss seeing the Provo temple. We used to live less than a block away and it was always so beautiful at night.


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