November 28, 2012

{sometimes} wednesday edition.

sometimes i actually get ready for work
sometimes i get obsessed with vampire diaries
sometimes i order cute phone cases on etsy
sometimes i listen to the same christmas play list over & over
sometimes i go to bed at 9 and feel like a grandma
sometimes i paint my nails with glitter
sometimes i do military diets
sometimes i go to the temple
sometimes i miss someone
sometimes i can't wait to see all my drill girls
sometimes i wear leggings every day
sometimes i miss dancing so i watch drill state youtube videos
sometimes i am content with staying in
sometimes i just want to jump back in time
sometimes i wish it was summer
sometimes i dream of going to europe


Amanda Schroeder said...

I think I agree with almost all of your sometimes. You are so cute! And I'm flattered that you miss me. HAHA! I started watching vampire diaries. But after 4 episodes, I quit. And started something else. I JUST don't get the vampire thing. Sorry. Don't hate me. Love you! Pretty picture!!

eryka {from abcde} said...

Sometimes I miss my Ashley so much!!!! <3

brielle said...

which military diet did you do? did it work? haha i gotta lose some weight before christmas!

Harley said...

vampires diariesssssss!
so awesomely awesome.

Samantha said...

what's you military diet? fill me in!


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