December 5, 2012

6th annual drill reunion

timpsichoreans 2005-2006
drill team//where teammates become sisters//memories are made//waking up at 5//running, sweating,dancing//getting ready for three years at the school after practice//competition//inside jokes that are still funny after 7 years//awesome costumes// red lipstick//crazy makeup//glitter gel//football games//facials//formations//choreographing//laughing//
i love that my old team gets together in december every year.
 i wished that more of the girls could have made it!
we talk, catch up, laugh, reminisce, update each other on life's happenings, talk about the future, laugh about the stupid things we used to do,old loves, crazy times, and dances. and of course each year it makes me miss dancing. love these girls!


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Amanda Schroeder said...

I miss dancing every day. Let's get together & make up a new dance every week. Switch off choreographing? Like you said? HAHAH! You're cute. Looks like you had lots of fun!


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