December 9, 2012

feeling refreshed.

the girls and i went on a little spontaneous road trip this past weekend to st. george. it was nice and warm (compared to utah county). it's always wonderful to be away free from normal every day life full of distractions/things to do/the normal schedule/work and just have a relaxing weekend doing absolutely nothing. we ate out, took naps, did facials, nails, plucked eyebrows, had deep conversations, laughed a lot, and watched a lot of movies (including mean girls). it was nice to take a little breather after working my boot-ay off last week editing plus working my normal job (12-14 hour days) and having holiday parties. this week it's time to start my christmas shopping, finishing the last of my editing before i take the rest of the year off of photography,more christmas activities, st. lucia day, & start making some new years resolutions. i am so grateful to have little mini trips like this to make me feel refreshed and motivated! and for wonderful friends to spend them with :)


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