December 30, 2012

christmas 2012.

christmas this year was wonderful! christmas eve i had to work and then i came back to my apartment and took a nap :) later in the evening i went over to my parents for dinner and we watched one of my favorite movies, while you were sleeping. then mom and i stayed up late and watched little women. i think i've watched it every christmsa eve since i can remember. my sisters and i always used to watch it and love it since their was four of us as well. my family has always been the type to never get up early. we sleep in, get ready for the day, have the traditional wheat waffles with strawberry jam and THEN we open gifts :) i love it that way. in the afternoon we went and saw les miserables with my sister and her husband and then got our traditional mexican food. i love love loved les miserables. and i can't stop singing it. this year santa brought me a juicer (which i am obsessing over!) and luggage (time to plan another trip!) it was a great day. i love christmas. and the time it gives me to reflect upon our savior and his birth. i am so grateful for him and all that he does and continues to do for me. 

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