December 28, 2012

looking forward.

this past week has been absolutely wonderful having a few days off of work. i was able to spend time with my parents, family, and friends. i have also had some leisure time to myself which got me thinking a lot about what 2013 is going to have in store for me and all that has happened in 2012. i love this time of year to start thinking about what i want to change to better myself and my life. what goals i want to accomplish in the future and what i have accomplished this past year. i love planning and creating that plan of how i will accomplish goals in all areas of my life (spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, emotionally) i am excited and feel motivated to make changes in all areas and look forward to doing so. on another note i received my first birchbox in the mail today! i will share more about that later, but i was thrilled. currently i am making menu plans so i can go grocery shopping this weekend, trying to form a new budget, humming on my own from les miserables (obsessed), eating chips and mango salsa & watching how i met your mother.  
happy weekend.

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