December 12, 2012


-sometimes em and i have the best of nights & enjoy pizzeria seven twelve
-sometimes i watch way too much vampire diaries
-sometimes i can't decide on which brother i love more #teamstefan #teamdamon
-sometimes all i want to do is go to disneyland
-sometimes i get way too impatient for mail to come
-sometimes your first in real life blogger friend comes home from her mission
-sometimes you don't understand timing
-sometimes i miss nyc a lot
-sometimes (okay all the time) i listen to the same play lists. and i'm perfectly okay with it
-sometimes diet coke and chex mix are an appropriate lunch
-sometimes when i pattern mix i think to myself i would have never been caught dead wearing this 2 years ago,ha!
-sometimes i wish i could rewind time
-sometimes i crave writing in my journal
-sometimes i'm a grandma and in bed at 10 pm
-sometimes i miss how things used to be
-sometimes life is hilarious
-and i love it anways. 

1 comment

Eve Myers said...

Sometimes I miss how things were and wish I could rewind time!


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