January 29, 2013


a new favrite quote//baking cookies
church time//roomies

the wedding i photographed//roomate bonding

nail painting//ruby woo

gno with some of my favorites//the choco

this past weekend i was able to shoot a wedding that was beautiful. i was exhausted after working a full day at my normal job and then photographing the ceremony and reception. it was crazy foggy and scary on the way home! i was also able to spend time with some old girlfriends this weekend! we always have great times and hilarious stories. i have been cooking/baking a lot (new years goal) and it has been a lot of fun. i have started to establish a love for it. i got all new roommates the past few weeks and can't believe how blessed i have been. we have all gotten along great and have been staying up way too late! it seems so crazy to me that we have all only known each other for a week and i feel like i've been friend with them for years. i just love that.

this week i have been thinking a lot about prayer. i am teaching in my ward's relief society on Sunday and have been preparing for it. what a wonderful thing it is to have such a beautiful gate to open our communication to God. at any time. any place. for any reason. sometimes just truly thinking about the concept of prayer amazes me. i am so thankful i have the chance to pray to my Father in Heaven each day. he knows me & wants me to succeed. he wants us to confide in him and express our thoughts and feelings. some of my most spiritual moments in this life have been those down on my knees. i love the comfort i receive when i pray.

"a relationship with God is the best relationship you can have"

"Prayer is an ingenious gift from a Father who misses his children. He gave us this amazing tool in hopes we would "call home" frequently & not lose touch. But it is more than just a way to stay in touch-it is a very way to unlock the powers of heaven, the key to a treasure box. God feels bad when we don't call home just like if you lost touch with your parents it would be sad for them that they have lost touch with their daughter. I love that, it puts things into a different perspective that sometimes praying isn't all about you."

President David O. McKay testified, “It is true that the answers to our prayers may not always come as direct and at the time, nor in the manner, we anticipate; but they do come, and at a time and in a manner best for the interests of him who offers the supplication.” 3Be thankful that sometimes God lets you struggle for a long time before that answer comes. Your character will grow; your faith will increase. There is a relationship between those two: the greater your faith, the stronger your character; and increased character enhances your ability to exercise even greater faith."

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Amanda Schroeder said...

that quote really is amazing. Prayer changes things. It's amazing how much it does. I'm excited to see the fabulous pictures you took. That lip color up there? Dang girl. You're a babe!!


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