January 25, 2013

the one with the broken wiper.

it has been a long lived and fun filled week to say the least
//the bff brought over jamba and fries for bach bach night//cozy slippers, so sick of the cold//my roommates are simply amazing//fifi and i being asian// night chats with mister carter//ice cream gallon challege at work//living in my pink sweats//fishing with the nephew//dinner at mama shippens//facetiming with courty & nas//editing//movies//and lots of popcorn.

i did almost get in a accident the other day.my windshield wipers haven't been the best lately and it was pouring rain when i left for work on thursday and the rain was instantly freezing once it hit my windshield. it was freaky! i couldn't just wipe everything off because the wipers made it worse when i tried.  i was hoping the heat could kick in fast but it just kept raining so hard that more and more raindrops froze over so i couldn't see out my window! i got off the next exit (mind you i rolled my window down and was trying to see out of my window) i pulled over & scraped my window hoping that it would stop raining, waited a minute so my heat was for sure on (took a min to warm up) and then i got back on the freeway and it was raining just as bad and froze over again. :(  i couldn't see anything in front of me so i was praying that nothing bad would happen. i have never been so scared! plus the roads were icy! then my drivers side wiper broke so it wasn't even doing anything (like the rubber thing on the drivers split in half & wasn't doing a dang thing!) so i got off on the the next exit and don't worry i slid off the exit. pulled over and called my dad. he didn't answer and neither did my mom.  i waited and finally my dad called back and came and got me and took me to work! he was so sweet and replaced them while i was gone for the day. moral of the story never let your wipers get bad.. and dad's are the best!


Amy Lynn said...

The ice was so scary!! I'm glad you are ok. Thank goodness for dads that can always come to the rescue!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I'm so happy you didn't get in an accident. Bless your dads heart! Love ya!


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