January 18, 2013



>sometimes i watch pitch perfect  two nights in a row
>sometimes i absolutely hate change. and sometimes i know it's what i need.
>sometimes i leave my phone at home and realize how pathetic it is how much i depend on that dang thing. it's my planner. my note taker. my communicator.
>sometimes i make chicken pot pie and it gives me a new found appreciation for my mother. how much time and work she put into homemade meals every night for all seven of us children. she is simply amazing. {recipe to come}
>sometimes god gives me angels in my life. #thankful
>sometimes i'm scared to take risks but know they are necessary.
>sometimes it's my un-birthday. and i make a big deal about it.
>sometimes i come across old emails. it happened to be one that was exactly what i needed to hear. one that an old friend had written me. sometimes i really think our friends know us better than we know ourselves. it was from 2010. he knew what i wanted, what my potential is, and reminded me of my worth. so dear friend thanks for writing that to me. it means more than you know. miss you.
>sometimes i remember how bad of a gag reflex i have.
>sometimes i wish my computer worked normally. i think i may need to be investing in a new one. ugh.
>sometimes i have insomnia so i stay up looking at pictures from the summertime. and dream of laying at the pool, magazine in one hand and doctor pepper in the other.
> oh, and sometimes looking those pictures makes me miss my long blonde hair.
>sometimes i wear sunglasses and pretend it's summertime
>sometimes one of my biggest regrets is not writing in my journal from 2005-2007. it depresses me.
> sometimes i obsess over lipstick.
>sometimes the roomie and i laugh until we cry.
>sometimes budgeting is hard but i get so happy that i have stuck to it .. to a T!
>sometimes time goes by too quickly.
happy friday!

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Bridgette Nicole said...

I LOVE your blog, you are the cutest person. Also, I still need to watch Pitch Perfect, sounds like the best movie...what is wrong with me!?


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