February 21, 2013

at peace.

the other day after work i was craving some 'ashley time'. (this girl likes her me time) i ran home grabbed my camera and went on my way. since my first favorite spot is closed for the winter i went to my second favorite, utah lake. growing up in utah we went boating every week in the summer. a lot of the time we would go up to deer creek. and when deer creek was too cold we went to utah lake. for some reason i always thought the lake was so gross  and it was a lot of the time but i was always afraid a fish was going to come and nibble on my toes when i jumped in the water. over the past couple of years i have fallen in love with utah lake. i have come to have a new found appreciation of its beauty. i love how it is minutes away from where i live. it's beauty gets to me every time i am near it. i always feel so close to god in nature. it's a time to reflect and think about life. i think it's so important to spend time on your own doing what you love. for me that is with my camera, messing around with makeup or choreographing a dance. i feel so at peace when i can go and spend time working on my hobbies and talents.
I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone.
 You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.”
 -Oscar Wilde


Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Such beautiful shots Ashley! I need to do this exact same thing more often. It's so refreshing! Oh and you're beautiful as well. Goodness ;)

KERRIN said...

such a lovely blog girlie. let's follow each other! xx


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