February 7, 2013

just realized.

last spring i knew i wanted a change.
that change was that i was going to move. it was time.
i didn't plan on moving until the end of the summer.
i started to look around for apartments just to get a feel of where i wanted to live. i knew i didn't want to be too far from the freeway because i didn't want to add too much time to my commute to work.
i decided to go ahead and meet with a few of the landlords and walk through some apartments and condos. well, i walked through the door of the first one and just instantly had an overwhelming feeling that that is where i was supposed to live. i was a little confused and though maybe i was just super excited for a change. but something inside of me knew it was just RIGHT.
i canceled all my appointments with the other apartments.
with out any hesitation i went to the landlords house. signed papers. wrote out a check for rent and a deposit. i hadn't told a sole. sometimes we do things in faith. and we honestly don't know why.
when i first moved in a had good roommates. we hung out on occasion. got along. and just did our own thing. which was great because i was busy with life, dating, photography, and my friends. i didn't necessarily hate them but when i moved i essentially wanted to form new friendships, meet new guys in my complex and have a new circle of friends. which i have made new friends but none that i spent an exceeded amount of time with. i went through several roommates the past eight months. fast forward to now..
last night as my neighbors and roommates were talking about our first impressions of one another i got to thinking about how funny it is that we all just instantly clicked and now we hang out every night. they have become family. i feel so blessed and grateful. it honestly makes me laugh to think that we've only all known each other for a month or less. i feel like these friends are the reason i moved so quickly and was supposed to move in this apartment.
i love friends that bring out the best YOU.
the ones that you can be your complete self around.
who you don't even have to hesitate saying things.
you laugh til your stomach hurts.
you ask a million and twelve questions.
you tell stories.
share trials.
inspire one another.
you don't even realize how late is at night because you talk for hours on end.
and the friends that make you want to be a better you.


Amanda Schroeder said...

I love this, Ash. And I'm so grateful you have good friends. They are definitely needed. Love you tons!


kelsey bang said...

super cute! sometimes a move can be the best thing! I love when things just click :)

Erika Quaife said...

so glad you decided to stay and that you are loving your roomies!


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