February 6, 2013

feb to the ruary

my computer died so i have  not been the best little blogger latley. sometimes i miss it. sometimes i don't. i feel like i've had more of a social life and sometimes it takes a computer to die to realize how much time you actually spend on it. i do miss blogging and reading blogs. i do get to do a little blog surfing at work during my down time but never have pictures or what not to blog. and if you know me i hate blogging with out posting pictures. anyhow wow, it's february. it's better late then never posting this. these are my goals for this month. latley i have been staying up way too late with the new roomies and neighbors and have been lacking sleep. which in turn my body likes to sleep in a little longer :) i want to focus on building those relationships with those in my life who i love. i want to be more thoughtful not only spending time with those around me, but by calls, texts, letters, etc. 3. i was blessed with a short stick when it came to patient. i am going to put my effort into being more patient with those around me and those i work with. i rocked at my budget last month. i was simply amazed that i did it. it was do-able. this month i just want to keep on applying my budget each week and keeping tabs on myself. i have learned to say 'no' when it came to going out (hardest thing EVER for me) but i did it. i also didn't go shopping. #proudmoment and the last goal for the month i have set is to drink more water. it's so easy at work to get preoccupied and distracted that i forget to fill it up and realize i have hardly had any water at the end of the day. i just about fulfilled all of my goals last month. they were hard but mostly do-able. i was proud to achieve most of them. i love setting monthly goals because they all work towards my goals for the year of 2013.
here's to another month!

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