February 5, 2013

this past week was a good one.
-sometimes i forget how much i love teaching
-sometimes i facetime with my niece in israel.
-sometimes my rommies, neighbors, & i make homemade pizza
-sometimes i decorate my desk at work for valentines and i get told happy birthday at least 5 times  day. rolling with it.
-sometimes i love my new friends. like a lot.
-sometimes sister gives me the cutest valentines treats.
-sometimes i stay up way too late.
-sometimes the roomies and i have roomie nights.
-sometimes i go a little bit blonder and feel a little more like me.


kelsey bang said...

Glad You had a good week! Homemade pizza to! So fun!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Girl! You should be a teacher!
amanda @ we and serendipity


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