March 31, 2013

oh, life.

i honestly  don't know where march went. i felt like i blinked and it was suddenly over. thank heaven i take a million pictures because it helps me remember what actually goes on. here's my march recapped: i was finally able to get my car in the shop after my accident (they couldn't get it in for a few weeks) i got a cute little rental car that i fell in love with. when i finally got my car back last week i was actually really sad to say goodbye. i got a little spoiled. but it was good to have my civic back. i discovered a few new restaurants that i love (thanks sis!). station 22 will now be a staple. utah lake looked beautiful frozen over and made for a perfect sunday walk one sunny afternoon. i had the parents over for dinner one night. my roomies & i always laugh because when one person gets on their iphone next thing you know we''re all silent and we are most definitely 'generation i". one of my favorite activities this month was going dress shopping with melissa! i cannot wait for her to get married, she's going to be the prettiest bride! of course i had to try on a veil when we were there :) i recently got re addicted to otter pops. i even eat them for breakfast. i probably shouldn't admit to that. gracie and i did baptisms one saturday. i love the temple.  it's always what i need. it snowed. diggity and i got fro yo and many other adventures this month. mayra had her dance concert that was amazing and naturally made me miss performing. the sunroof has been opened and life is good. i can't wait to see what april brings and the many fun time that are to be had.

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