April 8, 2013

sometimes i run, sometimes i hide.

sometimes i am a terrible blogger.
sometimes i am more than grateful for dry shampoo.
sometimes i actually eat breakfast before work.
sometimes i never delete text messages.
sometimes new girl is pretty much the best thing to ever happen.
sometimes dating is hilarious.
sometimes getting eye lash extensions was the best decision i have made so far in my adult life.
sometimes when i go blonder i feel more like myself.
sometimes i go to general conference.
sometimes i drag my mattress into the family room and have a sleepover with the roomies.
sometimes life is more than wonderful.


Emily said...

Haha sometimes you're pretty funny. Love New Girl!

Didn't you used to have a button/button swappy thing going on??


Purposely at Home said...

i'm awful at deleting text messages. sometimes, they're just too sentimental to delete. ;)

i hope you're having an amazing week, ashley.


TheShippenFamily said...

Eyelash extensions are the best thing ever!!

brlracincwgrl said...

I, too, keep text messages. And well, sometimes I sit for hours and read them. They bring back memories.


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