April 9, 2013

easter 2013

easter weekend was spent well with my those i love. friday the roomies and i went up to city creek for dinner and shopping. when i was little i would always get a new sunday outfit for easter and so i have continued that tradition now as an adult. plus, it's an excuse to go shopping! i will most definitely carry on this when i have children. saturday i tried black sheep cafe with my sis. and then that night i went to noah's for a 'les miserables' party (pictures to come) at noah's that emilee had planned. i hadn't watched it since the theater so i was really excited to see it on a big screen. sunday was a wonderful day at church. after my ward i went with my mom to hear my dad speak at a ward conference. later that day i went over to my parents to dye easter eggs with my mom. my favorite ting as a little girl was to draw designs and names with a white crayon! i still love doing that. before dinner emilee wanted me to snap some pictures of she and jeff and it reminded me of when we were little taking pictures each easter. (pictured above easter 1992). this year it was just my parents and i for dinner- it's times like those i feel like an only child. mom made the best strawberry pie as well! easter weekend was wonderful reflecting on the life of my savior, jesus christ. i am so thankful for his life and ministry.  


Purposely at Home said...

agh! what fun! your eggs turned out so adorable. :)


Kati Schroeder said...

what does your easter outfit look like?????



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