April 22, 2013

the things i learn.

this past weekend i learned that:
  my perfect job would be a professional makeup artist/photographer/organizer/food critic/shopper.
saturdays are my absolute favorite because i get to sleep in.
i love cleaning on friday nights so i don't have to lift a finger on saturdays.
i am a shoe addict.
i haven't updated my ipod in over a year.
i love spring cleaning.
waffle love has won my heart over.
sometimes i have blacked things from my memory for a reason.
i have the best roommates.
ear infections are horrible.
buying people magazine makes me happy.
the older i get the more i don't care to have a wedding reception.
brie, strawberry, & chocolate grilled cheese are fabulous.
i get attached to clothes and have the hardest time giving them up when spring cleaning.


Kati Schroeder said...

Thats what I need!!! Shelves!! My shoes are all in 2 storage bins! thanks for the idea!

Kati Jo

Amy Lynn said...

love your shoe collection! amen to about 90% of your list! haha my brother and sister in law didn't have a wedding reception and just got to keep the money they would have spent. i wanted to do that but the dang parents wanted a reception.. haha

Ally Valdez said...

um..lets go into business together.

AND come follow my new blog--www.danplusally.blogspot.com!


Amanda said...

No wedding reception? Who are you and what have you done with Ashie?!


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