May 1, 2013

story of my life.

i am going to join in on this.
i was born in the lovely year of 1988 in provo, utah.
baby of 7.
i grew up in the heart of orem- and my parents still live in the house i grew up in.
 i secretly hope they never move. it will always be home.
i spent my childhood climbing trees, playing night games, building sand castles, going boating at utah lake, barbies, dolls, and wanting to be just like my 3 older sisters.
junior high came i quit piano and started dancing. (just like my mom said i would, i regret not being able to still play. but i sure can dance) i was on student council and that is when i stopped being shy.
the summer before high school i tried out for cheer and didn't make it. i was so mad. little did i know god had a better plan. i tried out for drill team and it would change my life and teach me some of the most valuable lessons.
high school was my favorite. i had the best group of friends. those are the memories i'll never forget.
after high school i randomly decided to go to snow college. still to this day i have no idea where that idea came from. but it was probably the best decision in my life thus far. i got a dance scholarship, danced on the drill team, learned more about myself then i ever have, dated some pretty awesome guys, met some of my best friends in life & fell in love with the small town life.
a few years later i moved back to orem. i started working at pmi, fell in love for the first time, found photography, became independent, & tried to figure out life.
a few more years later i am still trying to figure out life while building my photography business, enjoying the whole dating scene,obsessed with traveling, i have the cutest apartment, and i love trying new food. oh, and i do peoples makeup on the side. it's my passion. 
and that my friends is the story of me.  

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