May 24, 2013

my passion.

i don't usually share a lot of my photography work here on my personal blog but i was so excited about these that i just had to share! plus i have been such a slacker on posting to my photography blog. and when i say slacker i mean i haven't posted in a year. i got so behind and like to post chronologically so it has been put off! i guess that's what happens when you get busy. sometimes it's  great to do a more relaxed shoot that is simple, elegant, and carefree. i had so much fun doing this shoot and it was a perfect spring evening. plus, i got to do her makeup which made it that much more fun for me! i just had to share this photo session because pretty much i'm in love with spring/summer evenings, sun, and gracie rocked it. isn't her hair to die for? i am so glad i get to do what i am passionate about part time and use my creative outlet. the other day i got to thinking about how i imagined my life to be at this stage in life and i would have never guessed to be where i am at. i never guessed i would say that i am a photographer. i feel so blessed to be paid to do what i love. i still have a long ways to go to be where i want to be professionally but i feel so happy as to where i am now. photography has opened up so many opportunities for me that i never would have guessed. it has stretched me to be a better person, meet wonderful new people & to be artistic. i love capturing people in their happiest of times. even though i may not be doing this full time yet, i feel so grateful to love what i do- because everyone should!
happy weekend!


Samantha said...

these are amazing!! I want you to do mine!

Amy Lynn said...

these are so beautiful!! you truly are so talented. keep sharing the photos :)


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