May 28, 2013

summer rain.

sometimes the summer rain makes me oh so happy.
sometimes i go brunette in the {almost} summer.
sometimes i have a stay-cation.
sometimes i watch a whole season of gossip girl in less then 72 hours.
sometimes i don't know if i should be embarrassed about the above statement.
sometimes em and i have the funniest of snap chat convos.
sometimes i get to go to my favorite little town and it makes me the happiest.
sometimes i just don't know where the time goes.
sometimes i don't drink enough water.
sometimes i listen to JT 20/20 on repeat.
sometimes i can't wait to have my own house.
sometimes i make cupcakes late at night and read the recipe wrong.
sometimes i love days off.


emily said...

Hey that's me haha I love snap chat

Amanda Schroeder said...

And sometimes, I miss you :)



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