May 13, 2013

my jeffie.

jeffie and i met in august of 2006. we were both freshman at snow college. we happened to live right next door to each other. one night as i was walking back to my apartment from dance practice i saw a boy sitting down on his porch against the door talking on the phone. being the flirty nosy 18 year old i was i interrupted him and asked him who he was talking to. and thus began our friendship. i couldn't imagine my time at snow without jeff. we were goof balls. he was my boy bff. the one i could complain to, cry to, laugh with, & became the younger brother i never had. after snow i moved back to my home town and moved back to washington dc. a few years later he came back to utah to finish up his bachelors. i was so happy! even though we didn't hang out all the time i am so glad that we have still kept in touch over the years and would occasionally hang out. i'll always remember all of our memories from playing sing star to building forts to going on adventures to staying up late playing games to birthdays to dennys runs at 2 am to hot tubbin. jeff just recently graduated and moved back to dc. these pics are from our little lunch date before he left. i am so proud of him and his big accomplishment! i was so sad to see him go back to dc but am so excited for his new chapter in life! i can't wait to some day go visit him in dc. thanks for being such a wonderful friend all of these years.i'm going to miss you. lots and lots.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

so sweet.


andrea said...

lovvve your lipstick.


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