May 12, 2013

idaho 2013

a few months ago emilee, court, and i decided to have a little girls weekend. since em and i wanted to get away we decided to go up to idaho falls to courtneys two weekends ago. the three of us have been friends for years and always have a great time together! it's non stop talking, laughing, and deep conversations. these ladies will be my forever friends. nothing ever changes between us. emilee and i left utah on a friday morning and were jamming out to good old t. swift when i saw lovely flashing lights behind me. i had no idea i was 'speeding' because its always a 75 mph zone when you get clear up in northern utah.(and according to me i was going the speed limit!) apparently they had just changed a certain area to 65 a few months back. i was pretty mad because i had never got a ticket. the officer was really nice and he told me they had just recently changed it. gave me a ticket and then we were on our way. as the road curved not even a 1/4 of a mile ahead it changed back to 75 mph so i was pretty upset considering there was only a short span that was changed to 65 mph and i thought i was going the speed limit. what do ya do though? so it was a great start our little trip. when we were up there we were able to go to the potato museum, the idaho falls temple,bear world, went to the movies, & drove around. the potato museum was fun (i love me some history) it was cool to learn about how they produce them from start to finish. i learned about all sorts of potatoes and how they picked them in the olden days. we even saw the largest potato chip ever produced. i mean what better to do then learn about potatoes in idaho right? i had driven by the idaho falls temple before but never been inside. it was beautiful! it was so great to go. when i visited courtney last year we went to bear world and since it had just opened we decided we had to go! if you've never been to bear world it's like a drive thru zoo. you get to see bears, wolfs, deer, etc. and at the end you can go inside and see the bear cubs and other animals in a petting zoo. i love those baby bear cubs! they melt my heart. the rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing. i also snuck away for lunch with a friend that goes to byu-i and he took me to an awesome taco shop called morenitas. and boy i have been craving those tacos since that day! even though it was just a quick weekend trip to idaho it was nice to have a little breather from my usual hectic life and take two days off of work! i i love nothing more then spending time with these two. thanks for a wonderful weekend, girls! let' make this a tradition.

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