August 21, 2013



 sometimes i feel like my life is groundhog day. i wake up, get ready, go to work, work, come home, edit, go to a photo shoot, eat dinner, run, edit, sleep... repeat.

sometimes i watch vampire diaries like it's going out of style.

sometimes i don't blog a lot. and then i crave it.

sometimes i finish another journal.

sometimes {okay, a lot of the time} photography brings me so much joy. when lighting is amazing and you have great models life just seems complete.

sometimes you get a new roommate that has been a friend for years and it's fabulous.

sometimes you just need a vacation. {i need to get planning}

sometimes the summer passes you by and you get super excited to wear scarfs, boots, hats & sweaters.

sometimes you start running again. it's hard, but it's awesome.

sometimes I take on more than I should.

sometimes tortilla bar completes me.
"If I don't write it down, I forget it..
Memories are TOO important to forget"


Sara Lynn said...

I agree with a few of those especially the vacation one! I need to get to planning too :)

Brooklyn McKenna said...

I need to be better at journaling. But I'm too addicted to blogging, that's where all my free time goes ;)


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