September 29, 2013

La Nay

This weeks share at La Nay Ferme
Includes: Mixed Greens, Arugula, Tomatoes, Carrots & Potatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Okra, Chives & Thyme.

As I thought of what I might make with all of my produce I decided to do simple things yet delicious.

These potatoes were amazing! I am already craving them. I can't get over how flavorful they were. I cut up a little onion and fried them. Tossed some cheese over, a dollop of ketchup & breakfast was ready. 

As fall is approaching I like more filling dinners. That being said I try to keep lunch lighter. I chopped up carrots,tomatoes, cucumbers. I put them over mixed greens and arugula then grated some fresh Parmesan. I paired it with some of my favorite poppy-seed dressing and had a light yet filling lunch!  

Early this week I took a pasta class up in SLC (more on that later) and had picked up some fresh pasta at Tony Caputo's Market. I decided to chop my tomatoes and saute them in garlic and olive oil. As soon as the noodles were finished cooking I added them to the sauce, added a little butter and fresh Parmesan and WA-la dinner was a hit!

I love getting my fresh local produce because there are so many simple things you can add them to! Plus it helps me get my fruits & veggies in! 

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Amanda Schroeder said...

Talk about delicious! Imma come live with you for a bit!


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