November 5, 2013

a normal day.

Today actually felt like a normal day. I worked my day job & had a great day. After I went over to my parents house so my mom could start re-teaching me how to crochet.(more on that later.) Then I got a good work out in at the gym (haven't been there since September.. yikes!) ran to the grocery store, made a good dinner at home, edited pictures, crocheted while watching Netflix & just got to relax at home. I know this all sounds so silly but it was nice and refreshing to have a day not to be rushing from one place to the next, editing between my day job & running to a photo shoot, meeting deadlines & stressing out. I am not complaining one bit but running a photography business and working another full time job during busy picture season is a little overwhelming. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is my outlet of creativity and I love it but it sure does make me appreciate days like today. I feel so blessed to have been so busy this fall & still have a few more weeks of sessions before my 'slow' season approaches but I am excited to work on a few personal photography projects as well as expand my knowledge and talents. I just want to give a shout out to my wonderful family and friends for being so supportive of me in my career choice. It brings me so much joy to be doing what I love (even though there is a few sweat drops & tears along the way) I feel extremely blessed. I have received so many kind compliments & referrals and those just always make my day! Being an artist is a hard and a beautiful thing.   


Emma Ashby said...

Yay for normal days! :] You are an amazing photographer and SOMEDAY I am going to have you do our family photos! I just need to find a way to make it work!! Haha. Also, I need to relearn to crochet from my mom too! Haha. She taught me once and I crocheted the edge of a burp cloth and that's about it! It would be so fun to learn to do more things!

Amanda Schroeder said...

You're so incredibly talented and I'm so excited for you that life is going well and everything!! Also, I want to get pictures from you soon!!


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