November 4, 2013

camping 2013

 Go on an overnight camping trip.


September 2013

Hands down this camping trip was one of my favorites to date. A weekend away from the real world. Nothing but friends, Mother nature, fires, non stop laughing, four wheeling in the rain, breakfast in the mountains, getting drenched in the mud, roasting starbursts, star gazing and the smell of the fresh mountain air. It was just what I needed. Mother Nature did this girl some good. 

Here's to more of my 26 before 26! 

1. Watch 3 classic love story movies
2. Go to Jerusalem
3. Eat in every night for a month
4. Read a book on my book list
5. Learn how to make freezer jam
6. Sew a dress
7. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.
8. Explore a new city or town that I’ve never been to before.
9. Plan & go on a girl’s trip.
10. Finish my denim/jean quilt.
11. Run a 5k
12. Go on an overnight camping trip.
13. Refinish a piece of furniture.
14. Finish the Harry Potter series.
15. Lose 30 lbs.
16. Plan & shoot a stylized/themed photo session
17. Go Canoeing
18. Take a dance class
19. Get a regular blog series up and running
20. Make pasta from scratch.
21. plan a trip to visit the central perk set from F.r.i.e.n.d.s
22. Re-learn how to crochet
23. Learn how to play chess
24. Keep a consistent journal
25. Throw a dinner party
26. Print some of favorite photographs I’ve taken.


allie & jeff said...
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allie & jeff said...

#9 is happening soon!


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