November 20, 2013

because i can

Swig & The Slurp are easily becoming the best things to happen to Utah County.

This boy came to visit me before he left for Eurpoe.

Em and I out for our usual P712 date. Also, just in case you were wondering I pretty much crave this salad on a daily basis. I am so glad Em and I have been friends for 25 years. I just love her! 

My old roommate Whitney got married in September and I was lucky enough to do her wedding! I love when I get to work with friends and hang out with friends all day long! Gracie and I made a fun day out of it and since her wedding was later in the day we went up to Salt Lake early & walked around city creek. Whit also had me do her makeup in the morning! I heart weddings. I miss having her around.

Meeting up Tracie and her cute little girl Kinley. 

Who needs a boyfriend when you have shopping?

Just a usual Sunday of visiting my bestie and her puppy (not so little anymore) Maya. I never thought I could love a dog again after mine passed away in the 8th grade. But Maya has done it for me.

So this one time my car started steaming and almost blew up driving on a busy road. And of course Daddy saved me and so did AAA. What would I do with out them? Dang radiator. 

These two happened to be in town at the same time from Texas & Nevada so we were lucky enough to be able to get together a few times while they were here.

They just built a Starbucks around the corner from my office. Bless my bank account this winter. 

Cart visiting me one random day when I was working from home. When i get home form my day job this fall I was spending a lot of time at my desk editing and I secretly loved when my friends would come and visit me so i could take a little break. 

The college roomies & met up for a girls night at City Creek one evening. There is nothing I love more then meeting up with us three. We have the best of times. I cannot believe it's been over 5 years since we were roommates. It seems like yesterday we were all sitting on my bed until the wee hours of the morning procrastinating studying and having the times of our life's.

My neighbor Bre & and on a Sunday drive up the canyon! 

The Slurp with Baby C & Allie.

General Conference with these two! Love being there in person and feeling the spirit of our wonderful Prophet.
 Mexican night out with the neighbors. Love them. They keep life lively.
 My sweet Grandma Edith passed away. I was lucky enough to go visit her before she passed. She was the ripe age of 94. I love that she always has displayed & wore her lipstick (bright colors I might add) perfume, brush & a beautiful picture of her mother on her dresser. She always was so fancy & glamorous. I hope to follow in her footsteps.

Kiersten and I had one last single Diggity Diva night out before she tied the knot the next week. I am so thankful for her friendship and feel so blessed to have lucked out with a wonderful first roommate who would before one of my best friends & life long friends. Those are rare. And I treasure her friendship.

This is my neighbor Callie. She is awesome & has the most amazing hair & style. One day I will do a photo sesh of her. I love my neighbors.

Sometimes this happens at work? Weird.

One thing I adore about being a photographer is meeting so many wonderful people that become good friends. This was Emily & I after my photo session with her and her hubby. We talk on a daily basis. Our snapchats have got to be pretty darn hilarious some days. 

Gracie and I one night after me working for 13 or 14 hours. Glad I have roommates who love me even when I go a little work crazy. And who love to get fro-yo with me :)
Utah has outdone herself this year. (did I just refer to Utah as a girl? yup.) Fall is amazing. Glad I got to drive up the canyon several times a week the past few months and enjoy the beautiful canyon!

That my friends were my highlights of September and October. Phew! It just had to be a big post with being so behind. And because I can.

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