November 14, 2013

Love Stitched.


some favorites:
I probably own more clothing than I should be willing to admit to. I have always been a super girly girl who loves to shop and love learning and buying the latest fashions. I have always wanted to work with a clothing line or some type of company to branch out my photography so I was beyond thrilled when Brittany from Love Stitched asked me to do the photos for her new shop! I had so much fun working with her and the models. I am obsessed with how cute her shop is. Every time one of the models would come out with a new outfit on I kept thinking to myself, "okay add that to the list of things I want!". These models were beautiful inside and out and were just so wonderful! Please go check out her shop, I promise you won't regret it. :) Thanks Brittany for having me do your pictures. I had a ball.

September 2013

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