November 22, 2013


Sometimes you realize you have become just like your mother when you look at your drink & your lipstick stains your straw. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sometimes you find the perfect winter coat for $25

Sometimes you get new tires on your car and suddenly you wish you weren't an adult. 

Sometimes you find old pictures on your ipod from your first year of college & you die of laughter and realize how young and silly you were.

Sometimes you start Breaking Bad & become severely obsessed.

Sometimes you go to Swig three times in one week. yikes.

Sometimes you remember why you hate commuting to work when the weather starts to be bad.

Sometimes you finally have your ipod cord to your car fixed after a year. and it's like Christmas.

Sometimes you crave Disneyland.

Sometimes I miss my room at my parents house.

Sometimes (okay every night) I fall asleep to SBTB. And I fall for Zack Morris all over again.

1 comment

Mindy said...

The only disagreement I have is ... I ALWAYS crave Disneyland. :) Always. Love the new layout. :)


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