November 23, 2013

other october happenings.

Kiest and Chris finally got married! Yay! She was the most beautiful bride and I couldn't have picked a better match for her. So happy for them! 
Cart and I on our way to church in our Sunday best.
I think I have drove the canyon more this fall then I ever have before. This picture was on my way up to Cascade Springs. I had the most stunning bridal session their! I cannot wait to post about it. It was my very favorite bridals so far. 
Homemade Mac n' cheese is perfect for fall.
I love this cute Halloween banner my roomie made! 
Movie night with my ward peeps. Just love them.

Cider & SBTB before bed.

 Started going Blonde again! Feels so good to be back.
Met up with my college besties and their hubby/boyfriend and we all went out to dinner at Teppanyaki. I even caught the shrimp! 
The SLAB.. never gets old.

These are just some of the fun times from October that won't get their own post. These were just some good times & favorite moments in between all the hustle and bustle of two full time jobs. 

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