December 6, 2013

seven things.

1. i am thankful it was a short work week & that today is friday. it was a short week since i went on vacation last weekend & took monday off. it was lovely to have a day to myself. i slept it, actually did a craft, hung out with my mom, & went to a family party. (had three holiday parties this week! phew!)

2. this weather (as much as i hate commuting to work in it) just makes me happy! the mountains are magical. i love the pine trees all flocked white with snow. even though it is freezing cold i get some sort of true happiness of bundling up in my coat & seeing my breath in the air. utah is beautiful.

3. i get all sort of excitement out of setting new goals for the new year (hollar 2014!) and have been trying to set a new type of budget plan for the new year when i came across this one. i am giving it a try this month and so far so good (i know, it's only been six days) but still! that's a new record. me and budgets have a hard time getting along. here's to another week.

4. i have been thinking about how grateful i am for my health. if you know me i get sick in the winter months quite often (knock on wood) and i have been blessed to not be sick for almost a whole year! yay!

5. i am hosting a black & white party next week for my annual drill team reunion that i host. and i am VERY excited. i love a good party, especially when it's themed. check out my pinterest inspiration board here. it will be great to see old friends.

6. i have only had 1 diet coke & 1 dr pepper this week. new record people.

7. & i'm digging these posts: this this & this.

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