January 2, 2014

2014 theme & goals.

summing it up my theme for this year is:
i am going to keep it simple this year. i set four goals for 2014. i set smaller short term goals under each goal that will help me reach the four long term goals. i will eventually share them as i do them along the way. goals are a process and a journey, and that's why i love them! i like to make weekly or monthly goals that go under each goal. i want to do something my future self will thank me for. it is a daily process that will help me get there. it's my day to day choices.
1: be a saver// i set a new budget that i have been trying out for the past two months and it works well for me so now it's all about sticking to it. save, save save! i want to travel this year so i need to be a penny pincher. i am going to pretend my savings account is just like a bill. no questions asked the money goes in and i don't touch it! i am also going to eliminate things that are just wants, not needs.
2: be healthier// i will drink more water. the gym will become my bf. i want to get more sleep. i want to keep a food journal and make healthier choices. i will move daily whether it's with Jillian Michael's, myself at the gym, going for a walk, or going to my dance class. majority of this goal will be planning! plan my meals, plan my workouts into my day, pack my lunch for work the night before, plan my weeks around my health. i come first. my health comes first. my health is my priority.
3: be a better photographer// i want to continue expanding my business. i have a few personal photography projects that i would like to do. i would love to attend a workshop. i would love to expand the wedding side of my business. i have a million ideas and i want to put a few of them to life. i want to also photograph more of my personal life. (not just on my i phone) i want and will be a better photographer.
4: be who i was meant to be//all of us were blessed with so many talents & i want to utilize mine! i want to be a better friend, daughter, roommate, sister, co-worker. do more service. reach my spiritual goals. read more. be more patient. meditate. have me time. attend the temple more. be a better listener. pray often. be the raw, real me. do something new every day. be the girl i was meant to be! i want to use my time wisely and manage it well so i can be that person.
here's to another fabulous year!

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Amanda Schroeder said...

You are so beautiful and these goals are awesome. And super relatable, too, I love it. Also, I know I already told you this but still? I love your design. It is perfect. Let's do something soon!


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