February 28, 2014

live every moment.

February was wonderful and went by in a blink of an eye! I had the opportunity to photograph some fun events including a valentines dinner party, family pictures, & my best friends birth story. I went to a gal-entines blogger party, my nieces dance competition,  nephews b-ball game, bought my ticket to Israel, visited friends in Logan, got sick, my car broke down, went to dinner with the rents, went to Park City for Valentines, got together with the old roomies, worked out, went to dance class & soaked up life. I have really tried to focus on living each day at a time and to love it. Sometimes we get so caught up in what was in the past or what is in the future we forget to soak in each moment of each day. I have taken more time for myself. For one I have actually started to read again. I started to read the Elizabeth Smart book. My oh my! It is intense, wonderful & makes me cry every single day I read it. It was nice to get away for the weekend to Logan to visit some of my favorite people. It's always get away for a few days and just re-charge! Here's to another month!


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