May 29, 2014

the new normal.

Sometimes I feel like I act like an old person. I go on nightly walks, take bubble baths, work at night & am in bed early. 

Sometimes I try new things on my hair. #pinterestsuccess

Sometimes old friends come to visit. And it's as if nothing has changed.

Sometimes I visit my Grandparents graves while getting my produce at the farm and I love remembering the good people that they were.

Sometimes I wear my Marilyn shirt to go run errands in.

Sometimes I stay home on a Friday night edit & eat CFL. Keeping it real since 1988.

Sometimes I drop my iPhone on cement and am forced to buy a new one.

Sometimes the sisters and I end up chatting for hours. I love them.

Sometimes I go to my nieces dance recital and they amaze me with their talents!

Sometimes I grace 180 tacos twice in week with my presence,

Sometimes I make dinner for my roommates and set the table. 

Sometimes I get to take one of my best friends bridals and we get attacked by mosquitoes. 

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