May 6, 2014

Who needs friends when you have f.r.i.e.n.d.s.?

As many of you know I am a die-hard fan of the television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Today marks 10 whole years since I bawled like a baby and it all came to close(and Rachel got off the plane!). It was a happy ending! The perfect ending to a television series. I practically still watch episodes daily. When the writers of the show were pitching the series to NBC they said it perfectly, "It's about sex, love, relationships, careers, a time in your life when everything's possible. And it's about friendship because when you're single and in the city, your friends are your family." This show is my go-to when I need a pick me up, when I  want to laugh, or just is apart of my every day life. It's beyond relatable, quotable, and no other show will even come close. I love my friends.




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Vanessa Madera said...

I am right there with you. I LOVED this show. I still even go through my phases where I watch it from start to finish. It never gets old and I still miss it. I laughed, I cried , I laughed till I cried and I screamed with excitement so many times watching this fantastic show.


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