June 7, 2014

we were on a break.

 The end of May was full of wedding receptions, quality time with friends, spending time outside, lots of photo sessions, nightly walks, and just enjoying the start of summer. Two of my friends from my old ward ended up getting married! It was so fun to see their relationship from the beginning and watch it blossom. Bryan and Kayla were totally meant for each other. I was even able to take their engagement pictures. They were so fun to work with and it's always a treat to see my work printed at receptions! 

I started off the month of June by doing limited photo sessions and no blogging for a month. Well that month turned into six weeks so i figured I better get back on the blogging bandwagon, because I have missed it. I have a lot I need to update about and plus what else am I going to do with the millions of pictures I take?!

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