June 19, 2014

NYC pt.2

Day two of my trip was probably my favorite! We rode a pedi-cab through Central Park. It was so lush, green, and always breath taking. A few months prior to the trip we scored some Jimmy Fallon tickets. It was a dream come true. Literally everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. It was so neat to see everything behind the scenes, see Jimmy in person, see how amazing and smooth everything is operated and to see some celebs. On my Instagram that day I wrote "Eeeeek! You guys. I'm star struck. Jimmy oh,Jimmy. AMAZING!! Love him. We saw Ricky Gervais, Ansel Elgort & Miranda Lambert!! And then to top it off after the show the producers said they had a surprise for us.. That we got to see another show because they had to film it today! Sooo we saw good ol' Jeff Daniels & Jim Carey! And they were doing a skit (with the arms) it was unreal. Hilarious people. Hilarious!" It really was the neatest experience to be at the NBC studio. A memory I'll never forget. 

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