January 1, 2015

one. one. fifteen.

2014 was a year of change. It was about living life, creating a new home, finding myself, overcoming trails, creating new memories, and very happy days. It was certainly a year of surprises, but I wouldn't change a thing. As I thought  about what I wanted my word of the year and theme of the year to be I saw the word "CREATE"  and it just screamed at me. I am in charge of my future and I am the one that gets to decide how it's created. Our agency in this life is a beautiful thing! I know with the help of my Savior that I can create a life and become the person he would want me to be.  I have set five mail goals for 2015. They all start with the word CREATE.

1: create the woman god destined me to become// i want to be kinder, serve more, study the scriptures, read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, study the life of our Savior, attend the temple, pray often, write in my journal weekly, forgive quickly, avoid contention & love more fiercely. 

2: create adventure// travel to Israel, go to places in Utah that i have never seen before, re-visit my favorite spots, live as if i am on vacation every weekend, be more spontaneous, soak in the little moments & enjoy my day to day life.

3: create a healthy body// i want not only get to a healthy weight, but in the mean time create healthy habits that will carry on with me in my life (no late night eating, drink more water, exercise 3 times + a week, spend more time outside, do more physical activity with friends, cut back on swig (cut being the key word!) etc.)

4: create beautiful photographs// i will use not only my iphone but my nikon to create beautiful photographs of my own life. i am great at taking pictures of others life's, that sometimes i forget to take them for my own. i want to have those memories captured for myself and my posterity to see. i want to not only take the images but get them printed. i also want to do a few fun themed shoots that i've been dying to do.

5: create happiness// be okay with saying no, surround myself with people who matter to me and that i matter to them, live in the moment, serve others, make a happy list and live it, put my phone away and live in the moment, date men who will provide me true happiness, blog more, dance more, cook more & create healthy habits that make my every day life happy.

bring it on twenty fifteen, I'm ready for you!!


Aubrey said...

love love love the word create! your goals are awesome. i'm excited to see how it goes. thanks for linking up!

Nicole said...

first of all. stunning stunning blue eyes!! also. i love the word 'create'. i love living as a creative. i love seeing others being creative. i love being inspired to be more creative. here's to hoping you have the most creative, inspired year yet!



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