March 11, 2016


today i am thankful for friendship.
i've always been a lover of friendship.
if you're familiar with the hartman personality color code, i'm a blue.
we are all about relationships. it's what makes our world go round.
it makes us tick. it connects us to others. it makes us feel complete.
i somehow have been so #blessed with wonderful friends in each part of my life.
my childhood was wonderful. my neighborhood was full of kids my age. we had our little saved by the bell gang if you will. we did everything together from night games, to sleepovers, to climbing trees. as i got older i met new friends in junior high. those who would help me become the outgoing person i am today. i owe a lot of that to the relationships i cultivated during my student council time.
then i got to high school. i had the worlds best guy friends. all who treated me like gold.
i was surrounded by wonderful friends in classes, church, and on my drill team.
then i moved away. i lucked out with meeting some of my very best friends. we experienced everything together. boys. heart break. buying our first cars. college pranks. big life altering life decisions. simply, we really grew up in those years. then life moved forward.
i moved, friends got married. & started having children. i reconnected with old friends.
i fell in love with a new best friend. when that didn't work out other friends were there for me.
in between i met blog friends who have been more than just blog friends. they are irl friends. and who are dear to my heart. through the years i kept in touch with many of those old friends as well as made many new ones who God placed in my life when they needed to be there. sometimes they needed me. and sometimes i really needed them & they were the perfect person for me at that time of my life. and now when i see any of them we laugh together, cry together, talk about our triumphs & our trials. but we are always there for one another.
i moved again. met more amazing human beings who would soon become close with and who would change my life for the better.
point blank.
some how i have always hit the jack pot when it comes to friends.
and for that i am grateful.
and days like today when i have had a rough week i get a random phone call from a dear friend.
just calling to say hello & see how i am doing.
and for that i am thankful.

sometimes we may not always see each other or even talk or text each other. but there is nothing more comforting about a knowing someone cares.
friendship is a beautiful thing.

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