August 18, 2011

feels like home

ky, sam and i always try to go to Ephraim every summer for the manti pageant. we lived together for two years in college and made a promise that we would always try to get together through the years every summer for the pageant or just get together no matter where we lived. since we were all busy with other things during the pageant we mad a little trip to e town to  spend time. we ate our favorite food in our small town. walked around the beautiful campus. and took about a million pictures (of course) ky's parents live there so we hung out there and played a little pool and air hockey. and laughed all night. long. something about the bond between roommates that become some of your best friends that is just awesome. you just GET each other. you know everything there is to know about that person.and you can predict how they will act in certain situations. i love these girls to death and they will always be a part of me. i love laughing non stop with them!

yay for traditions.

PS: snow cones with ice cream AND sweet and condensed milk on the top is BOMB.

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Brown Family said...

Love this!! oh those good old days in E town!


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