January 27, 2012

i got some good news.

the lovely eryka from abcde and i have been working on something so fabulous for next week.
we are going to be having a link up party each wednesday.
each week we will post a different topic on both our blogs and then you can link up to our blogs. so, we all can get to know each other in the blogging world. so fun!!! i know. i heart link ups.

starting next week we will have our first link up party! the topic will be a happy list. i love thinking of the little things that make me happy during the week. its a great way to remember wonderful little moments in our life that we too often forget. so please get excited and link up on wednesday!
it will be a great way to start of the the month of february.

on the other hand i am so thankful it is friday. they are easily my favorite. this week has been a great one. i need to get my boot-ay in gear and get back in school mode. i have been having the hardest time getting back into the swing of things this semester. shame on me. i am so proud of myself though. i have felt pretty darn productive this week. don't you love that? i wish every week were like that. i got most everything done on my check lists including deep cleaning my bathrooms, running errands, editing, eating good, working out every day, getting good sleep, drinking lots of water, 'shopping' out of my own closet, and just fulfilling all my small goals. i love this year already.

it's the freakin weekend baby 'bout to have me some fun.
happy friday!


eryka {from abcde} said...

love the new layout! :)

Kathy Schneider said...

Sounds like a great link-up. Can't wait!

Amy Lynn said...

I'm excited about this! Also.. I'm feeling like out next play date should maybe be at the chocolate...don't you feel? And last but not least Cute new hair!


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