June 24, 2012

{NYC} part four

day four:

we grabbed some bagels and off we went!

our first stop of the day was central park
words can't even express how much i loved central park.
i mean you see it in the movies and it's beautiful, green, and big.
but oh my goodness did i love it!
it was unlike anywhere i had ever been before.
i could have spent a whole day wondering around, reading a book, and just enjoying it's beauty

we decided to take a pedicab tour around.
great option if you ask me. i highly recommend doing so!
it was wonderful.

we grabbed a hot dog for lunch from grays papaya 
and walked across to verdi square and ate, relaxed & people watched. 
after hanging out we went to levain bakery.
and i ate the most amazing cookie. 
crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside.
perfection of a cookie i tell you. it was heavenly.
read about the cookie here.

we stopped by the museum of modern art.
for those of you who don't know i'm an art major
{art and visual communications to be exact}
so it was awesome to see SO many of the pieces i have studied.
i was in heaven!

then it was time for the reason we planned the trip!
since i was a little girl becky and i probably watched newsies a million times.
i remember sharing a room and blasting the tape & singing "i'm the king of new york.."
and drooling over christian bale.
any other newsies fans out there?

boy, was it amazing.
the dancing, the stage, the singing, the songs, the costumes.
everything. of course i fell for jack kelly all over again. 
i didn't want it to end. it went by so fast that i was super sad when it did end.
it's only scheduled to be playing until the end of the summer i believe so i am so incredibly happy that i was lucky enough to go see it!!! 

as we were walking to dinner after the play
we saw a couple following their photographer 
taking pictures after their wedding in the city.
i was in aw! just to think of how amazing it would that be to have your pictures taken in the city the day of your wedding. at night. 
 (or maybe they were bridal/groomals?) 
either way, i would die over this. 

then we ended the night with din din at chelsea's grill of hells kitchen.
it was delicious. the chips and salsa they brought out to start with were amazing. 
something about NYC's food i just dream about. 
i love me some good food.

i have one more day of NYC to share with you
..until then!

ps. check out my sisters amazing blog.
oh, and just warning you. it will make you hungry. 


Sammantha said...

i am green with envy - i want to go to nyc so bad! great pics girl!

Jennifer Blair said...

Such an amazing trip! I would die to take photos in the city after my wedding too! How fun!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

How many amazing things are these?! First of all, I think bagels and cream cheese are completely necessary while on a trip. I want to see Newsies! That looks like so much fun! Your pictures are fabulous!


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Elisabeth Gee said...

This is adorable, girl!!! I LOVE newsies! I'm so jealous! :) :)


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