June 26, 2012

{NYC} part five


day five went a little like this:

we had breakfast at sarabeths restaurant.
i think i had eggs & hash browns..
apparently i was really hungry, because i didn't even take a picture
i loved the egg blue walls and bar stools. adorable!

then i was off to meet tom hanks..
okay, just kidding. but i really felt like i was going to meet him.
remember? sleepless in seattle.
she wants to meet me on top of the empire state building..
so it was a dream fulfilled when i got to go.
i've been obsessed with that movie since i was little.

Empire State on Valentines Day.
It's like that movie.
"An Affair to Remember".
Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.
Is that "car" or "cur"?
They were to meet at the Empire
State, but she got hit by a taxi.

unfortunately it was super cloudy and overcast while we were up at the top
but, it was still beautiful. it cleared up a little before we left.
it was neat to learn more about the building and how it was built.
that kind of stuff intrigues me.

it was awesome to be up at the top soaking in all of NYC.
it always amazes me that back in the day they could build such incredible skyscrapers.

we grabbed a quick lunch at le pain quotidien
i had a roasted asparagus, parmesan, & frisee salad
with lemonade. the best lemonade of my life.

we shopped a little and
then it was off to the airport.
here's me getting my
pick me up in the taxi before our flight home.

and that folks was my trip to the city.
it was a trip of a lifetime.
it was awesome to go with my sister and spend quality sister time.
we had a blast, good laughs, & great memories.

what was my favorite part you ask?
i can't decide. everything was so unique and amazing.
if i absolutely had to..
my highlights in no particular order would be:

-911 memorial
-food tour
-central park
-joes pizza

read about:
 day one here
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til we meet again NYC.
til we meet again.

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Emma Frances said...

Such an amazing trip! I love the Empire State building pictures!


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