September 29, 2012


-sometimes you finally get a chain for your 'a' charm after 3 months
-sometimes starbucks is necessary in the AM
- sometimes i make macroons
- sometimes i buy too many shoes
-sometimes i babysit cohen and we laugh a lot
-sometimes things happen and you wish they were just a nightmare.
-sometimes i go on a lunch date with katie and april
- sometimes i bust out some fall clothes
- sometimes i go on dates
-sometimes you book yourself a month out that you can't make plans because you are too busy
- sometimes i play old games like 'knock out'
- sometimes i get hot chocolate for lunch
- sometimes i go on fall drives up the canyon
-sometimes you miss someone
- sometimes i go to red butte cafe just so i can have the pasta salad
-sometimes we sleep through the alarm & wake up late and cait misses her flight. oops.
- sometimes i get an ombre!
- sometimes talks inspire me. best. talk. ever. 
-sometimes i love life.

1 comment

Emma Frances said...

I love instagram updates! You are gorgeous girl! :] You need to teach me how to curl my hair!


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