September 30, 2012

white cheddar mac n' cheese

recipe here

a little of this. a little of that. and in less than ten minutes you have the best mac n' cheese!
this is what i made for Sunday dinner. i had a busy weekend and slacked on grocery shopping. so i busted out one of my favorite Shirley J products. the white cheddar whisk bliss. it's fabulous. it's easy. you can make anything from soups- to Alfredo sauces, to chicken dishes. this was such a nice dish to make because i already had some pasta on hand and i really didn't feel like cooking. after the pasta was cooked i was eating with in five minutes. i added 1/3 cup of the white cheddar whisk bliss to 1 cup water.  cooked it on high until i brought it to a boil then simmered it for 5 minutes. meanwhile i drained my noodles then  poured the sauce over! to spice it up i sprinkled a little crushed red pepper on tap. and WA-la dinner was ready!
hope i didn't make you TOO hungry :)

what did you have for Sunday dinner?


Harri Davison said...

Looks delicious, a brilliant one for doing at Uni! x

Amanda Schroeder said...

YESSS thank you for sharing the recipe. That looks SO GOOD!! Cute bowl, too.

Amanda @

Kathy Schneider said...

That looks so good!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

I just had to find this as I'm sitting on the couch, wondering what I want for dinner. I love mac and cheese! Too much...

Thanks so much sharing my dear!



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