September 24, 2012

september sponsors {PART ONE}

today i'm introducing you to the first two of my lovely sponsors.
i have loved getting to know these girls so much!
and i know you will too.
head on over and check their cute blogs out...
hi, i'm amy! newly married to matthew, making us the harris family. together we love to travel, eat, read, and create adventures. he loves football and the gym. i love to read and shop. we are just two random humans trying to figure out this grown up world together.

motto: fill what's empty, empty what's full, scratch where it itches.
free hour: if i had a free hour (because let me tell you, those are far and few between these days) you could find me snuggled up in my bed with a good book.
color to wear: i don't have a favorite color to wear. color is something i love, and i wear a lot of it.

- A little about me and my blog, I am a 17 year old Mormon with a love for all things fashion. I have a passion for exercising + running, sewing + crafting, being with my friends + living the high school life, and spending all the time in the world with my amazing family! I also have a big love for all things Disney, and so does the rest of my family! {see HERE}

- my motto in life has always been: 'Everything Happens For a Reason'

- if i had a free hour i would spend it at the gym!
- my favorite color to wear is black :)
stay tuned for more tomorrow :)

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